The CyberPDX Curriculum

We designed the CyberPDX curriculum in the belief that college-bound students in our cyber-society need learning that connects technology, public policy, and the creative arts.

In the sphere of technology, students should understand basic programming and computing, the opportunities that information technologies offer, and how to use them responsibly.

In the realm of policy, students should know how computing alters the relationship between governments and citizens, firms and consumers and the implications for privacy, security, and intellectual property.

With regard to the arts, students need to understand how computing enhances our capacities for creative work in fields such as user interfaces, digital imaging, and narrative story-telling.

Our curriculum recognizes the reach of technology into all spheres of learning which has encouraged integrated and interdisciplinary learning at US universities. We are a STEAM program, linking Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math with the Arts and Human Sciences.